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Chapter 9

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Rupert Sheldrake: "Our choice (of worldview) is influenced by our acknowledgement of mystery and in turn affects our tolerance of it. Those with the lowest mystery-tolerance thresholds are drawn to the mechanistic-atheistic worldview, and as a matter of principle denies the existence of mysterious entities like souls and gods and portrays disenchanted, unmagical reality proceeding entirely mechanically. And those who acknowledge the life of God are consciously open to the mystery of divine consciousness, grace, and love."

You and I, having inherited ITS capacity for creativity, tend to become unbalanced meaning too positive or too negative--implying only one thing--self-centered in motivation rather than acknowledging that we can do nothing (right) without the Presence of THE SPIRIT.

We have accepted the term "God" as a word used when referring to the source of all life but based upon a belief system accepted as the result of the efforts of others attempting to define Truth. I often use the term IT in order to eliminate the universal inference that God is male or female when IT is androgynous even as you and I were when created in ITS Image and Likeness and inheritors of ITS Character and Nature.

How do we explain the oft-repeated phrase: "My prayers have been answered?" Could it be that we attempt to communicate with THE SPIRIT because deep within ourselves we recognize that there is an attraction between us that cannot be denied? This is based upon an unconscious desire to return home from whence we came where our relationship to THE FATHER was unhindered by the creation of physical matter that has impeded that Oneness.

The primary function of electrical energy is the attraction of opposites which could describe our acknowledgment that IT dwells within us to the degree that we admit we cannot exist without IT, even when most of us have not arrived at a concrete understanding of what, or who, IT is.

Watson and Franklin, in their study of electrical forces, declared that such energy is never depleted no matter how much of it is used. Such an analogy describes the inability of The Creative Energy to be altered by its misuse by Souls, or Mankind, in their procreative activities.

Even as science attempts to explain that "intervening space by means of some unknown process," which can be likened to an electrical fluid or the ULTIMATE UMBILICAL CORD, that exists between IT and those made in ITS Image, so do we attempt to fathom that Creative Energy we call God.

'TRY ME IF I WILL NOT POUR YOU DOWN A BLESSING," could well be interpreted as a vibrational 'fluid' by which we are electrified; i.e., made as lights in 'ITS' Image--'sparks' issuing forth from the vibrations of ITS nature.

Remember, every thing you have ever seen is the result of light waves encountering matter--and that you were included as the first "wave" issuing forth from THE LIGHT of Lights!

Science often speaks of "the diminishing of the force." This can be likened unto levels of development known as either animal, vegetable, or mineral. Not that The Creative Energy is lessened as it radiates outward, but because of the varying degrees of quality, or spirit, given to IT by the "Users" of ITS Creative Forces, the most influential of which are you and I whether functioning on the Infinite or Finite realms. Such activities are "slowed-down" processes of the vibrational energies of that Creative Energy we call God.

The above statements are meager attempts to "analogicalize" the alike-yet-different-somehow characteristics that exist in vibrational electrical phenomena and our Spiritual Nature.

Can you think of two more analogies where there appears to be an image of the Infinite within The Finite? (write it down)



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