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Chapter 10

The Creator and ITS Images>

Francis Quarles:
My soul, sit thou a patient looker-on. Judge not the play until the play is done. Her plot hath many changes; every day speaks a new scene; the last act Crowns the play.

Those who study and apply metaphysical premises have accepted as Truth that Man (as a Spiritual Soul) is a Thought in the Mind of God. A thought is vibrating energy that is creative and, when slowed down (as in the Finite Realm), takes on physical form. THE SLOWING DOWN PROCESS IS THE RESULT OF THE ACTIVITY OF THE CREATED ONES--YOU AND I.

If THE SPIRIT is the Nature, or Character of that which first "moved," and brought forth that Creative Energy we call God, then the Created Ones, as Images of IT, have inherited that Character as the source of quality innate within their slowed-down energy pattern known as Mankind. THE CREATED ONES REPLICATE THE CREATIVITY OF 'THE SPIRIT.

According to the dictionary, Spirit is:

l. A person's mind, feelings, or animating principle as distinct from his body.

2..A disembodied and consciousness not associated with a body. A person's nature.

3. "Spirit of the law, or of the times;" their real purpose as distinct from a strict interpretation of their basic descriptions.

Only one SPIRIT--many Spiritual Entities created by, in from and through IT. Mankind creates by using the components of that Creative Energy we call God and our creations speak to us via their character as having come from IT or from ourselves.

One example of how we often claim that "God made me do it" is the case where a preacher loudly proclaimed that "God told me that I should tell you what truth is" when, in reality, it was the preacher's own consciousness or understanding of his individualized relationship to The Creative Energy that spoke. It wasn't--it was the Spirit of the preacher as indicated by the first interpretation from the dictionary. Therefore, one man's truth can be another man's poison or an opportunity to catch an insight as to choices.

Whether a shout or a whisper, the Nature of THE SPIRIT is such that IT bears fruit within us regardless of our level of understanding for we are involved in a growing process whereby we may be content in anticipation of the ultimate truth beyond which we need search no further. This is a process of faith--an inner activity that stems from previous experiences whether you remember them or not, for they have left their residue within your subconscious mind as it relates to your physical body or acts as "the mediator" between your Infinite and Finite Self. ALL THOUGHT PROCESSES EVENTUALLY MANIFEST IN FORM WHETHER INFINITE/SPIRITUAL OR FINITE/PHYSICAL. First we think and then we act; the former being a spiritual activity and the latter its physicalized component.

Seeking true understanding, whereby we become wise by way of application, is the primary impetus of this book via variations on a theme that will enlighten us and erase the shadows of our former creations whereby we are permitted to once again clearly see our true Beingness in the I&L of THE SPIRIT and carry forth ITS Character within our creative activities.

That "pictured" or imaged within your life at this moment should clearly speak to you as to whether it has been a worthy effort. Are you content with what you have created? Take pen in hand now and choose one new thought with which you will endeavor to be renewed "in spirit."



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