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Chapter 8

God's Companions

The purpose for the entrance of each soul into a material experience is for the development that it, the soul, may be a companion with the Creative Forces.  For that purpose came ye, and all others, to be a COMPANION WITH THE FATHER. "Edgar Cayce"

Therefore were we created in His Image and Likensss.

Therefore, let us consider a comment by William Osler: "In seeking absolute truth, we aim at the unattainable and must be content with broken pieces." Thus is the sole purpose of this study is to recall to memory our first birth as Spiritual Beings which will remind us that inculcated within our physical Beingness lives the Spirit of that estate we shared with Our Creator which, in reality, is our only true existence.

Let' assume that you and I, amazingly enough, played a part in the great unfoldment of the Universe. Such was our first exercise in being gods for what THE FATHER does the children do; i.e., IT/HE Creates, "we" create. These activities took place before the manifestation of physical matter--STOP! Can you envision yourself as an individualized aspect of THE SPIRIT and therefore a recipient of ITS Nature, ITS Character, and ITS creative abilities? You are now involved in the process of thought, of thinking, and that procedure was the totality of our Beingness as Ones created in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS. GOD/THOUGHT SPOKE AND THE WORD WAS MADE MANIFEST!

Thoughts are waves of vibrating energy that gradually receives form via light and heat in the material world. Your spiritual body was, and is, a transmitter of created form the quality of which depends upon your recognition of your relationship to THE SPIRIT. That created via the thought process first takes place in the Infinite Realm and, if given continuous energy, eventually manifests in the Finite Realm.

In philosophy, form is the "essential nature of a thing as distinguished from the matter in which it is embodied." That ethereal "form" that was created via the thought process while still in the spiritual dimension is "filled in" when continuing impetus directs it into the 3-dimensional realm and it becomes "physicalized." Form is repercussion resulting from use of electrical energy emanating from vibrational velocity. The dictionary has the following to say about this unseen form:

" develop in the mind."
"The ideal or intrinsic character of anything, or that
which imposes this character; hence, a "pattern or scheme."
"...often suggests the principle that gives unity to the whole."

The "essence" of the physical form can be seen by the eye of a beholder who can, if his or her understanding has been opened to such a possibility, see beyond the physical to the spiritual (or atomic) level of that looked upon. This is an example of the "without" in relationship to the "within."

When a Thought Form has been "impressed" upon the Universal Mind, a mental prototype is created that eventually manifests in physical form as an Image of a Creator who decides whether It will reside in the infinite or finite realm. This "prototype" also becomes a pattern for the use of others in their own creativity. Therefore, again..."we are our brother's keeper." This process also expands upon the Theory of Cause and Effect for even as you are, in effect, emanating from THE CAUSE of all Creativity, so are your creations the effects of yourself as a Cause.....SUCH IS THE LIABILITY OF BEING AN "IMAGE!"

Esoterically, the process of thought takes place within the 4th Dimension; i.e. ABOVE YOUR BRAIN. The quality of a thought is determined by whether or not the "thinker" included an Awareness of the Oneness that is shared with OUR FATHER/GOD or, having forgotten to do so, limited the quality of the energy given to his thoughts (vibrational) and, eventually, to the physical manifestation which emanated from the electrical stimulus of the brain; i.e., ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE INFINITE INTO THE FINITE!

All physical manifestations first took place in Spirit form via the swirling eddies of the Creative Forces of thought. The quality of the physical form was previously instilled with the spirit that motivated your action. Utilizing this concept can be most useful in the creation of a relationship--for one can "sense" the spirit behind the actions of another. The creation of such an ability depends first upon how well you know yourself.

Rollo May has said that much of the violence in America today is because there are no more great myths to help men and women understand that world beyond which we finitely experience. Joseph Campbell clarified this by implying that our high level of violence stems from America's lack of ethos, which indicates the lack of moral, ideal, or universal elements in a work (such as Mankind) as distinguished from that which is emotional or subjective. These negative aspects are the result of lack of recognition of our ability to be Creators using The Creative Energy of THE SPIRIT we call God.

It is you and I, as "Images" of THE SPIRIT, that will determine whether that ethos/pathos as stated via "In God We Trust" will remain as the distinguishing character of the United States of America.

Is it a myth that we, as Soul Beings in the earth, were created in the Image and Likeness of God? The definition of a myth is stories about gods. Psalm 82:6 says "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." Such a myth obviously needs looking into for it might well be "the ultimate truth."

Taking into consideration that all things change, what do you envision as goals for "transitions" within your future experiences?


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