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Chapter 7

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Albert Einstein:
A human being is a part of the whole called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

So what if its all true--what will I get out of accepting the principles presented in this book? Aside from that old bromide: "You get out what you put in," let's consider two major possibilities for new perspectives:

l. You no longer labor under delusions.
2 For the first time in your life you can share
      a relationship that you can depend on.

ILLUSION...A visionary process or the response of our senses to that gazed upon including words upon the written page. One analogy for the process of our eyes is "understanding" (Oh! I "see" what you mean!). Therefore, your understanding of the reality of life is the basis upon which you either "see" realistically or are prone to accept what, in reality, is an illusion--or someone else's truth!

DELUSION...Once you have accepted the illusion as reality, you set about to incorporate it into your daily experiences You are now laboring under a delusion which actualizes itself as either a burden carried on your back or as a "chip on your shoulder."

When we are unable to recognize the difference between Cause and Effect, we become involved in the process of attempting to solve our problems by exchanging one effect for another for the cause has long since been obliterated in our illusion.

My favorite example is an illusion: "My, how lovely it is to watch the sun go down." Our exclamation would be more realistic if we had said: "What a beautiful view as we pass by the sun." We have been deluded into thinking that the earth stands still, even as we do when we do not claim the reality of our Beingness.

The most renown illusion is the mirage--a vision viewed through the mass of heat waves caused by atmospheric conditions. You see before you something that has taken possession of your mind--an all-consuming need for water. You accept it as real, arise from your prone stupor upon the hot desert sands and set forth in anticipation of the cool, wet, thirst-quenching water. After all, that which you see must be real right?

Is it possible that we have accepted as Reality the Illusion/Delusion of our physical existence? Have our eyes clouded our understanding that Reality lies in the unseen aspect of ourselves as Beings made in the I&L of THE SPIRIT whose Character, when called upon by ITS Companions, is the basis for the quality of our creations, including the world in which we live? WILL THE REAL ME PLEASE STAND UP?

The acceptance of an illusion as reality stems from lack of acknowledgment of THE SPIRIT before we, as Creators, make use of ITS Creative Energy. Therefore, we have experienced the greatest delusion of all--that we are the sole creators of anything at all for


Name two nifty delusions of your own...

Your use of The Creative Energy includes the phenomena of change which enables us to eliminate illusions/delusions from our creative processes. The initial step in this direction is the act of reciprocity, for the Creative Energy does indeed return to us that which is in the image of our acknowledgement that THE SPIRIT is the Source of our Character, or Nature, and "opens the door" to ITS Creative Forces to do with as we please.

Can you depend on me--can I depend on you? Can I depend upon those to whom I have given my love? Will my boss give me the raise that he promised? One or more of these questions have been asked somewhere, sometime in your experience and, even if the answer was in the affirmative, things somehow just didn't jell.

What's missing? The recognition that THE SPIRIT is the Source of the power of motivation and Character of all creative activity. It is that in which we live, move and have our Being (our Spirit in ITS SPIRIT) That Image we have inherited is consistent and persistent in ITS supreme position as the center of all that exists.

THE SPIRIT provides the Character for that CE we call God that holds the sun in its position and moves the earth on its axis and, in so doing, provides us with the beauty of ITS face--yes, even in the sunset! This SPIRIT is never depleted, never changes, never withholds its presence from ITS creations even when they do not acknowledge IT as the Source of their own creativity.

Remember, you get something out in accordance with what you put in. Also, our responses to unpleasant experiences will no longer become "Greek Tragedies" in which we weep, wail, and beat our breasts.

It is the Nature/Character of THE SPIRIT to permit us to take advantage of ITS gifts or go our own way; the choice (Free Will) is ours. The Love Principle is at work within IT, knowing that eventually we will make ITS Character our own.

If you found this premise of the relationship between THE SPIRIT and ITS Creative Energy acceptable, how will you, as One made in ITS Image and Likeness, create a relationship to that Creative Energy, or Force, that is uniquely your own? Clue: Is your Character a reasonable facsimile of THE SPIRIT'S?

Remember, what IT is and what IT does YOU CAN IMAGE! YOU NOW HAVE A NEW PATTERN TO FOLLOW!

And that's no delusion!



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