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Chapter 20

Mendel Sachs, Physicist:
"It behooves those who seek truth to study the abstract features of the truths of as many disciplines as possible, in order to determine which of the ideas of each of them correspond and which do not, with the notion that those ideas that do recur in a varied range of domains of knowledge are more likely to be true than those that do not. Thus the seemingly invariant truths are the ones that should be pursued further, as significant investigations toward our future understanding of the real world."

P.D. Ouspensky: "A religion contradicting science and a science contradicting religion are equally false."

Take pen in hand: "I chose to join my present church because:

Consider...Beware lest a messenger, regardless of the right or wrong of his concepts, comes before you simply as a tester of your own belief. If caught off guard, your present sense of what is truth might deter you from further consideration of other concepts.

Today's society argues the pros and cons as to whether or not the personal life of those in high places has any bearing on his or her professional life. It is not possible to separate the Spirit (or character) from the form (life style or energy field)...for choices made in the former clothe the externalized creativity.

Churches have segregated The Truth into demoninations whereby it is implied that only one of them is Truth and to believe otherwise is heresy. On the positive side, perhaps this is a way in which THE SPIRIT presents ITSELF in ways and manners that present something for every one even tho HE is not the presenter...but rather the provider of the tools to be used by others in their roles as gods in the making.

According to Seth: "Science has, unfortunately, bound up the minds of its own most original thinkers, for they dare not atray from certain scientific principles. All energy contains consciousness. That one sentence is basically scientific heresy, and in many circles, it is religious heresy as well. A recognition of that simple sentence would indeed change your world."

Evelyn Underhill: "Attempts to limit mystical truth by the formulae of any one religion, are as futile as the attempt to identify a precious metal with the die which converts it into current coin. Hence its substance must always be distinguished from the accidents under which we perceive it...for this substance has an absolute, and not a denominational importantce."

As Images of THE SPIRIT, we came forth from IT and were given access to ITS Creative Energy whereby we too create; therefore, we can create anything we choose but hopefully with the recognition that we are not The Originator but One who strives to inculcate the Character/Nature of THE SPIRIT within our creations.

We can "invent" anything we please except another Soul! However, we can, as Human Beings, be channels for the movement of other Souls into the finite realm...the mmost "Godlike" act of creative ability. Consider a lovely insight of Boehme: "If thou conceivest a small minute circle, as small as a grain of mustard seed, yet the Heart of God is wholly and perfectly therein; and if thou art born in God, then there is in thyself (in the circle of thy life), the whole hart of God undivided."

The tricky part is to recognize that what you do know does not eliminate the presence of what you don't know; the former is merely a step toward the latter for to search no further is stagnation. The vivid fruit of THE SPIRIT is inherent within the process; therefore, to judge another's truth as invalid because it does not match yours is not the Nature of those made in the and Likness of God.

In the "inner church" that is you, exercise your senses whereby you feel in harmony with your choice. Do not invalidate your conclusions just because you feel that some other church must have the higher authority in such matters. In the totality of your Beingness, they are no wiser than you for We all came forth from the same place as Created Ones in the Image and Likeness of THE SPIRIT which abideth in Us as One Truth. Since the beginning of time very few have walked among us who truly knew "The Truth and Nothing but The Truth!"

According to Meister Eckhard: "Three kinds of men see God. The first see him in faith; they know no more of Him than they can make out through a partition. The second behold God in the light of grace but only as the answer to their longings, as giving them sweetness, devotion, inwardness and other such-like things...The third kind see Him in the Ddivine Light."

How foolish we Mortals be when we think that THE SPIRIT stopped revealinng ITSELF thousands of years ago when, in truth, Mankind is now able to comprehand "the unseen" whether as in the atom or Things of The Spirit. The mystery lies in our inability to recognize our relationship to THE SPIRIT as Ones made in ITS Image and like ness and how we issue a "disclaimer" as to our involvement with unseemly things that appear to come from that Creative Energy we call God.

Perhaps I should take an in-depth look at the total concept of my chosen church because:

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