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Chapter 21


We have thus to be alert to give careful attention and serious consideration to the fact that our theories are not "descriptions of reality as it is" but rather ever-changing forms of insight which can point to or indicate a reality that is implicit and not describable or specifiable in its totality.

This need for being thus watchful holds even for what is being said the sense that this is not to be regarded as absolutely true knowledge of the nature of...wholeness It is up to the reader to see for himself whether the insight is clear or not via experience and to what degree it is valid."

FIRST AND FOREMOST ... where is that Creative Energy we call God? Although we are now involved in searching for an understanding of IT, looking for that place where IT abides is an indication of "misuse" of THE SPIRIT'S field of play for

The first question should be "Where am I?" Image yourself as one abiding in that unlimited Creative Energy we call The Father rather than within that space of metes and bounds that is of your own making and that, up to this point in time, you have accepted as the truth for yourself and others.

Think it "not mockery" to see yourself as a child of The Father even as did Jesus...yet seek to be "meek and lowly of heart!"

Secondly, as with all activity that takes place within the CE, testing the validity of these concepts involves the necessity of putting them to work before they are accepted or rejecte, for therein lies that Truth which is you. Thus do we test our concepts, or discover that "the proof is in the puddding."

Niels Bohr, when speaking of the concepts of classical physics in the analysis of atomic phenomena, recognized that the description of an experimental arrangement and the recording of observations is "a simple logical demand, since by the word "experiment" we can only mean a procedure regarding which we are able to communicate to others what we have done and what we have learnt." Therefore, whatever is necessary to the understanding of the higher science of reality-The Creative Energy-is also applicable within the finite world where you and I can "scientifically" prove our thesis that as Ones created to carry within us the Character of THE SPIRIT, we were given acccess to ITS Field of Play or that Creative Energy we call God.


The Creative Energy is evidence that THE SPIRIT "moved" in the process of expressing ITSELF. It is also the result of the Word of God, or the sound of that moment in Time and Space when the entire universe, squeezed into a dense dot of pure energy, burst forth as LIGHT impregnating The Creative Energy with ITS Nature, ITS Character, ITS Spirit.

When Robinson Jeffers attempted to describe the Big Bang as "All that exists roars into flame," which Owen Gingerich describes as " amazing picture of pure and incredible light being transformed into matter," he also drew our attention to the astonishing fact that contained within that moment is the final fate of the universe as to whether it will expand forever or fall back on itself. Sounds like what we have heard of recently as "black holes!"

The Fall of Rome is an exquisite example of a society that fell back upon itself for lack of its inhabitants' recognition of their relationship to that Creative Energy we call God and therefore did their mighty temples fall. The negative energy in action at that time would be considered a mere tremble compared to the possibiity of our current world collapsing around us as it fals back upon itself. It has oft been said: "What has gone before must be repeated" as an opportunity to give evident that we have indeed expanded upon our understanding of what we see with our eyes. It is up to us, as Reflections of that "pure and incredible light," to make choices as to whether we will leave the Earth as we found it or as barren as the surface of the Moon.

It is not that The Creative Energy will collapse, it's rather that the forms, images, and physical creations extruded from IT indicate evidence of absence of THE SPIRIT as the motivation for their existence. THIS POTENTIAL EXPLAINS WHY OUR PRIVATE PLANS AND DREAMS OFTEN FALL APART.

Added to Jeffers astonishing scenario should be the realization that we, as Images of THE SPIRIT, were also created as a Reflection of THAT LIGHT. Therefore, as Users of ITS Energy, we hold that "final fate" within the palm of our hands as we, via our activities, unknowingly confirm the destiny of our universe. Within every act of creativity there lies the potential for a life that is either long- or short-lived--the deciding factor being Motivation. Or, as Arthur Young asks: "What is your purpose? To get an education? Why? There is no set goal for purpose; it can never be satisified." Nevertheless, there is, or should be, an Ideal or ultimate goal--to "image" the Nature, or Character, of THE SPIRIT.

When Einstein spoke of "why" and "for what purpose," he asked: "To what purpose should we help one another, make life easier for each other, make beautiful music, or have inspired thoughts? If you don't feel it, no one can explain it to you. Without this primary feeling we are nothing and had better not live at all."

The answer to "why" should be to instill within our creativity more of the Character of THE SPIRIT rather than the self-limiting point of view we exist in when we do not recognize the relationship we share with the Creative Energy we call God. Without that, our individual Creative Forces lack that which is a "quantum leap" above those produced by simply "exciting" them into action. An example of such an individual would be Rasputin who, in spite of his unique abilities that brought healing to many, his life ended via outraged action of his enemies because his negative energies far outweighted his positive ones.

Without recognition of THE SPIRIT as the motivation behind our creative endeavors, sooner or later there will be manifested negative actions borne of our Ego.

Negative creativity is often displayed as just one more effect substituting as a solution to a problem rather than the recognition of the actual cause. Immediate examples of such a process can be noted in two dilemmas of today's society: Should "safe sex" and abortion be categorized as Causes or Effects?

As a Spiritual Being your Mind/Thought process calls forth "stirrings" from your individualized Creative Forces in the process of creativity. Therefore, your creations bear fruit via your Character or Nature; i.e., that "done in heaven" is repeated on Earth... although "colored" by your experiences in the Finite Realm. All initial action creates reaction that creates reaction in a never-ending processing of that Creative Energy we call God.

Proof of the validity of this premise can be demonstrated by way of retracing your steps that ended with the creation of something as simple as a dress or painting a room--what Thought processes took place within you BEFORE you picked up your scissors or paintbrush?

Quoting from Job: "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?" Gingerich, sad to say, answered that question with "none of us was there." May I suggest that scientists, when attempting to reconstruct that moment of moments, do so from the shortened unwinding of their memory banks if for no other reason than because they, as well as you and I, were there as Spiritual Beings made in the The Image and Likeness of that Creative Energy we call . Even as you read this book, it is a process which attempts to plumb the depths of your memory as to where you now stand in the scheme of things.

Gingerich describes this detective story as "a beautiful, panoramic tapestry" of contrasting patterns and themes that are organized "into a unified, coherent whole" that is panoramic in its scope and covers all of nature "from the subatomic particles to the vast outer reaches of time and space."

The tale is a "human artifact, ingeniously and seamlessly woven together and is not easy to unravel one small part without affecting the whole." Progress, no matter how slow, of even one man, woman, or child contributes to that of The Whole--for we are our Brother's Keeper!

Somewhere in that scenario lies the "mystery" of the Infinite and Finite bits and pieces of the roles played by Spiritual Beings as they participated in the creation of The Universe, You did not just stand around and do nothing before you "entered" the human body! The final chapter in that story reveals that God is the Alpha and Omega of all things via ITS relationship with ITS Images.

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