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Chapter 1

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Herbert B. Puryear:

...this ubiquitous secret about the Godhead nature of man seems to be the key to understanding that God is truly OUR Father, and that all men without exception are "brothers" in this divine heritage. In actuality, when we are confronted with the truth of our Godhead nature, we become extremely anxious... we begin to remember dimly that original divine state from which we have fallen.


That which was before there was anything made in either spiritual or finite form. This is the realm wherein abides the Character, Nature, or Essence of THE SPIRIT simply being ITSELF. This is also the home of the desire and motivation to be creative--to be "expressive" of self as a creator of life--the birthplace of CAUSE and THE IDEAL.

Herein abides the "music of the spheres" before it is written! This is the "pitcher" from which is poured down the Essence of THE SPIRIT that will enable ITS Images--you and me--to be motivated as Creators with An Ideal like unto ITS own.

"I will pour my spirit upon thy seed." "The skies pour down righteousness."

Within the realm of THE SPIRIT lie the characteristics of Love, Selflessness, Service, and Peace as individualized IDEALS from which sprang Spiritual Beings or "Ideas" (Creative Forces) with the potential for manifesting ITS Nature. Therefore, there is reflected within us ITS Spirit and we can do what IT does--be a Creator!

Even now, we are manifestations of balanced characteristics of THE SPIRIT that make it possible for us to "recreate" negative aspects of ourselves that hinder the Oneness of our relationship to that Creative Energy we call God. What other Characteristics of THE SPIRIT can we "image?"

Service self, Sacrifice, Happiness, Patience Prayer, Perfection, Christ, Companionship, Smiles Free Will, Choices, Response

These are "the fruits of THE SPIRIT' which your Superconscious Mind seeks to image as It influences It's chosen activities in both The Creative Energy and the finite world.

Our ability to recognize the Spirit, or Character, of persons or things stems from our use of The Creative Energy where that created provides evidence not via form but as to the Purpose or Spirit that speaks of the invitation of the Nature of THE SPIRIT, for IT is a reciprocal force whereby we get what we ask for.

Having felt the fire of traumatic experiences we often carry within us the spirit, or "smell of the smoke" whereby, having played the principal role in our self-produced scenario, we eventually exit left stage with the realization that, as that old song reminds us--"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." Therefore, we no longer see clearly and often misinterpret what we sense of another's character and/or misread the signs of Mother Nature. Thus are we unable to decipher whether their creativity speaks of Love or lack of same.

It has been suggested that we recognize the truth of someone's character, or nature, in accordance with whether or not there is within us those same inclinations. Therefore:

"Know thyself" is a major criteria for the process of judgement or the process of making decisions/choices.

THE SPIRIT is the source of that River that nourishes The Creative Energy from whence came spiritual forms that eventually evolved into the physical bodies of those created in ITS Image and Likeness. Therefore have we been "enabled" to measure up to 99% of ITS Perfection!

Contained therein are "tabernacles," or Spiritual Centers (chakras) that still function in response to THE FATHER as they did before the beginning of life in the Finite Realm. Thus does God and ITS images recognize and communicate with each other.

"There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the City of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most high." Psalms 46:4
Even Job said: "The spirit of God is in my nostrils" .... within the very air that we breathe!

In Monod's book CHANCE AND NECESSITY, he gives THE SPIRIT credit for the very evolution of life. He asks the question "What motivates life, the instinct to survive? What is that purpose that drives us to live even when we are hard put to find a reason?" His answers acknowledg that in our original estate we recognized that we have no life of our own but only that which is the Nature of THE SPIRIT, knowing that we cannot die from the act of living any more than IT can come to a point when IT no longer exists.

What is the sign of true intelligence? That we have come to "an Awareness of the Oneness" we share with THE SPIRIT and use that understanding as the basis for everything we do. To fail to take into account that we have a role to play in the totality of creation rather than only within the limited creative energy where self is considered the source of one's ability to be a creator is not to give credit where credit is due. It is you that sets the stage for the application of the Law of Cause and Effect; i.e., "God is greatly to be feared," in that when we are not in harmony, via free will and choices, with THE SPIRIT or CAUSE, the effects are of our own making.

Recall an experience that contains the before and after aspects to which you eventually applied the Truth of your understanding of the Nature of THE SPIRIT:


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