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Chapter 16

"Our story of the Fall in the Garden sees nature as corrupt; and that myth corrupts the whole world for us. Because nature is thought of as corrupt, every spontaneous act is sinful and must not be yielded to. You get a totally different civilization and a totally different way of living according to whether your myth presents nature as fallen or whether nature is in itself a manifestation of divinity, and the spirit is the revelation of the divinity that is inherent in nature."

Learn to read Nature for it is there that you will find the Infinite (never ending) display of the natural characteristics of THE SPIRIT as IT manifests ITSELF within that Creative Energy we call God. For who else could "paint" the face in the pansy or the precise markings of the Wood Duck?

I am reminded of how many years ago I gazed upon what appeared to be speck of dust on the floor...and behold it moved! How can this be--something that small having within it physical organs performing their duties and I felt that the miracle of it was even greater than I! After all, was I able to create life great or small? At that time I thought "No," but now my senses tend toward recognition that "I AM that i am" did indeed contribute to or influence the creation of all life forms. Nevertheless, that experience may well have moved me to search for the unseen within that seen. IT IS THROUGH SEEKING--THE FIRST STEP--THAT WE BECOME CREATORS/GODS.

Consider the process of "parenting" as demonstrated via the animal kingdom. Notice the nonchalance of an animal mother when her offspring apparently does not follow in her footsteps as well as it might--no scolding or condemning but rather a knowing that sooner or later her child will recognize, "sense," her actions as examples of the better way Could this be indicative of a way in which a human parent should present a pattern--being strong as an example rather than as one holding a strong whip which indicates that he or she has assumed a role of superiority? SUCH IS NOT THE MANNER OF 'THE SPIRIT' TOWARD YOU AND I AS WE MAKE USE OF 'ITS' CREATIVE ENERGY.

Need proof? It's in the reality that the Creative Force that is you still lives and is creative as an image of THE SPIRIT in spite of having fallen short of imaging the Character of that Creative Energy we call God.

My favorite "observation point" for viewing the effects of The Creative Energy lies deep in the oceans where surely God must have had a ball creating such diversity and beauty that moves me to tears! It's quite possible that you and I, as a Souls made in the Image and Likeness of ITS Nature, had parts to play in that creativity-- maybe that's why it moves me so--it awakens a memory! For the nature of the animal kingdom were derived from the "spirit" (or motivation) of the Creative Ones as they involved themselves in the creativity of THE SPIRIT moving within ITS Creative Energy. We recognize negative aspects of animals for they are derivatives of our Spirit as we contributed to the processing of God's Spirit within the three-dimensional realm.

When Joseph Campbell spoke of Nature and Spirit in the process of yearning for each other, he also mentioned a concept of Thomas Mann when he talked about how Mankind was the noblest work because it joins Nature and Spirit. True, but the quality of that relationship depends upon choices made by the Creative Ones as they chose to be either ego-oriented or Companions "imaging" THE SPIRIT. Such choices are strongly evident within Mankind whether back in the beginning or now...this very moment!

The similarities that exist between the activities of animals and those of Mankind often give us cause to smile because they remind us of ourselves--particularly via that creature that dwells in both realms known as "macho," a basic characteristic essential to fulfilling a specific function but belittled in the present generation This characteristic initiates action, while it is the Nature of the Female to be receptive in a role that contributes gentleness, wisdom and nurturing that brings balance to the creative endeavors of both. Should she loose sight of these qualities in her search for equality, power will rule in darkness where "The Light" shineth not!

It is a man's relationship with women that instills within his actions (power) those qualities innate within her (Wisdom) that he has responded to via fulfillments within his own needs/desires as the result of their experience together. She responds to him via her need to be needed via her nurturing of another whether with child, husband, or friends--therefore is she called "mother". Also, recall that it is the female that chooses whom she shall mate with--he will "strut his stuff" but it is she that decides whether or not to create a relationship with him! Therefore, should a relationship fall apart whereby he is usually considered the cause..remember SHE CHOSE HIM!

If indeed we were companions with THE FATHER and participated in the creation of all physical things, we will find it difficult to deny the ongoing environmental destruction that now gives us so much concern, for it would appear that we did not invite THE SPIRIT to participate in our creativity but rather considered only our own selfish needs for self-aggrandizement.

Currently, self-aggrandizement is expressed via the search for power and money. Such does not "image" the Character/Nature of THE SPIRIT. Consider as a prime example that which motivated a man to become President of the United States during its development and that which currently motivates men in our current age!

God created the world--we participated in the molding of its character, the variety of which depended upon our acknowledgement of THE SPIRIT as opposed to our assumption that we are the sole source of our ability to be creators. Therefore, we are the only ones liable for its salvation. As awesome as the forces of Nature (earthquakes, floods) are, you and I are in control (via our responses) and obviously know it as evidenced by our attempts to make predictions. Within our Spiritual Beingness dwells our ability to have access to such knowledge but the first prerequisite is the recognition of THE SOURCE of all our abilities.

The Ancient Ones, often classified as savages because of their ignorance and lack of progress in that they will wear loincloths, live in huts, can't read or write--are unrecognized by the so-called civilized world. Yet they acknowledge the gods of Nature and built their daily lives around an innate understanding of their relationship with that Creative Energy we call God. One such Group has even built their daily activities upon the premise that they must, of necessity, work together in a process that speaks of service to everyone such as I have yet to see in "civilization."

Why? Perhaps that termed "civilization" loses its spirit of innocence and obedience to those things which, in the eyes of a child having just "returned" from the Land of THE SPIRIT, are obvious. Sad to say, those qualities soon become trampled on by "things that are of the world worldly" because THE SPIRIT was not "imaged" to us by our parents so that that which we already knew (via having lived for millions of years as a Spiritual Being) could resurface within us.

It is hard to find the words to describe the fact that we, the intellectual ones, are destroying the providence of others in an attempt to enhance our own. Obviously our ignorance far outweighs that which we claim to be that of the Ancient Ones.

A Zen master once stood before his class and started to deliver a sermon. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a bird sang. So he said: "The sermon has been delivered!"

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