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Chapter 17

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Do you think a tree tosses its branches just any old way? Is there an element of purpose in the twinkling of a star? What causes the wind to blow? or the new-born colt to jump in obvious sheer delight as the Life Force courses through its wobbly legs?

Isaac Newton once asked: "Whence is it that the sun and planets gravitate towards one another without dense matter between them? Whence is it that nature doth nothing in vain; and whence arises all that order and beauty which we see in the world?

William Wordsworth: "One impulse from a vernal (season of spring) wood may teach you more of man, of moral evil and of good, than all the Sages can."

In the Unseen Realms, the character of LOVE, as the primary Nature of THE SPIRIT, is manifested via ITS Creative Energy in the form of lovely creations such as trees flowers, butterflies, birds and, above all things, YOU!. Therefore is ITs character/nature made manifest in the Finite World by which we may literally "look upon ITS face," and weep in remembrance of the Nature of our CREATOR, and our own Beingness as Ones made in ITS Image and Likeness. When we pass Nature by "with eyes that see not," we are functioning out of our own self-created energy not yet imbued with the Character of THE SPIRIT. Although we have been given the Light of ITS Character that we may see clearly, we have lost sight of our relationship to IT.


On Earth, we accept the form of a nimbus cloud as a sign of rain, or the dark spiral form of a cyclone as a foreshadow of Creative Forces at work. We can also sense the Spirit, or Character, of a man or woman as verified by their general demeanor as indicated via our relationship with them. In this world our capacity to utilize our higher character as Spiritual Beings depends upon how well we utilized, or imaged, the processing of the Creative Energy of THE SPIRIT before we experienced the finite world. Sad to say, it was while our creative activities involved only the Infinite Realm that we became rebellious, or self-willed, leading inevitably to our relationship to "things that are of the world worldly"; i.e., the "first sin"!


The Creative Energy can be likened to a "morphic field" in that it has been given the Character of THE SPIRIT, or is characterized by a specific type of foundation. The two are wedded as One, or the latter is the Creator of the Former, even as your Spirit foretells the character of your creations. The Spirit, or Character of a Creator, foretells the quality of that created, even as God said in Genesis, "It is good."

As Ones created to carry within us the Character of THE SPIRIT, we were given access to ITS field of play or that Creative Energy we call God. Therefore do we carry within us an inclination to be, do, and act as IT does and that motivation is contained within every breath we take. Remembering that there is more to us than meets the eye, we often come face to face with characteristics from past experiences within our total Beingness that now present themselves in our current roles. The fact that they do so is indicative that we have been given an opportunity to upgrade past responses--a key word...beware of same for responses create the atmosphere for future experiences.

Each day we set up an "experimental arrangement" for the use of our Creative Spirit (a thought process). The results are recorded in the book of Checks and Balances in The Infinite and are revealed to us via the DREAM LAB where our physical and/or mental consciousness teams up with the spirit that has influenced our motivations and desires during the day. Thus does our Mind "meditate and cogitate" upon the experiment of the day before, this day, or even upon the scenario for the next day.

As for "patterns" moved/created by Spirit, a perfect example is the process by which the tiny embryo exiting from the womb of the kangaroo knows immediately not to give in to the force of gravity and fall but turns itself around and moves laboriously upward within the vast forest of its mother's fur wherein lies a nest made especially for it. Even newly-hatched turtles head immediately toward the sea--astonishing! The same Spirit (action motivated by a purpose) is evident within birds and their process of nest building in preparation for enticement of a female via the "macho" dance of the male. Consider the Bower Bird of Australia and be amazed by the wonder of the processing of patterns. In the human realm, macho has become a dirty word but perhaps is due reconsideration.

States of crises provide evidence of the degree to which we have separated ourselves from our Source. Evidence of this is now all around us as we stumble about in our own polluted energies that bespeak of self rather than The Whole where we were provided with the ability to make manifest ITS Nature within our individualized portion of that Creative Energy we call God For it is there that only ITS Character, ITS Spirit, is the foundation upon which we follow suit as Creators in harmony with the Creative Abilities of others who, whether they recognize it or not, are also seeking to regain their Oneness with THE SPIRIT rather than remain fragmented.

When we, as Spiritual Beings seeking to manifest The Christ Spirit. have acknowledged that all expressions of truth are valid we no longer condemn the actions of others. Truth is like a multifaceted diamond. Each one of us holds a facet of truth within his or her experience. Collectively we create a truth that embraces each of the individual truths on the planet. No one truth is superior to another, and all truths are necessary to make up the collective whole. As initiates honor truth via their experiences, they also learn to honor the truths of those with whom they relate.

Unraveling fragmentation involves the act of jumping into the river of chaos where one attempts the untried arena of service to others such as taking a senior to the store, or donating blood to someone with AIDS--both acts partake of THE SPIRIT as motivation, and the action of One manifesting ITS Character when using the Creative Energy.

We have spoken of The Creative Energy in terms of life, and the forces therein that we, as Images of THE SPIRIT, use as instruments for our own individual creative processes. Even before we have taken the first step, vibrations stemming from motivation, or purpose are stirred into action. This is the moment when THE SPIRIT is, or should be, invited to participate. Previously, Science had sworn to exclude "purpose" from its vocabulary just as Bacon had advised them to do. However, there is now conclusive evidence that a few scientists have indeed acquired a special intellect whereby they search for the reason why they even bother to search--for therein lies a purpose--to find answers..

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