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Chapter 15

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Michael Talbot quoting Sri Aurobindo: "In the great and luminous kingdoms of the Spirit," one learns that all separateness is an illusion and all things are ultimately inter-connected and whole. As one descended from those higher vibrational levels of reality, a 'progressive law of fragmentation' took over."

"...put yourself back in the position of Paradise before you thought in terms of good and evil. Say 'yea' to that person or that act or that condition which in your mind is most abominable. We are all made in the in the Image of God. That is the ultimate archetype of man. When you can get rid of fear and desire and just get back to where you're becoming, you've hit the spot." Joseph Campbell

Within The Creative Energy there dwells the Realm of The Mind as The Builder of all manifested creations. From here all Power is given to things that do not yet appear yet exist in spiritual form. Included therein is the Margin for Error where Free Will stimulates choices between THE SPIRIT and The Spirit of those made in ITS I&L This is that "field of play" which is influenced by THE SPIRIT imaging ITSELF upon the vibrational/electrical energies of That Creative Energy we call God, the first reaction of which brought forth the chemical essence, or spirit, of water as the prerequisite for all living things.

It has been said that the religiously enlightened person has "...liberated himself from the fetters of his selfish desire and is preoccupied with thoughts, feelings and aspirations to which he clings because of their super-personal value." I choose to equate "super-personal" as the effort, or the work, that one does in the process of daily living up to an IDEAL that has been deliberately chosen (as an act of Will) and "colors" every act of his or her creativity. THIS NEW 'PREOCCUPATION' REQUIRES A MASSIVE DOSE OF PATIENCE!

The degree to which we are successful in this endeavor is "written on the wind" of our previous experiences that some call the Akashic Records, or tapes, upon which are recorded the mental, emotional vibrations of every thought or action that was conceived within YOUR Creative Forces. They can be "read" by your Higher Self AND OTHERS who are adept at interpreting vibrations. It is from here that your Higher Self speaks to you via the "wee small voice" that calls to mind past experiences that may enable you to correctly deal with your present endeavors. LISTEN--for it will be revealed to you what is the purpose of your current experience! With faith in your new chosen preoccupation, and the patience to confront the chaos within, YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS OF YOUR ENDEAVORS.

Every new-borne child brings with it the essence of his or her past record and is motivated to proceed in accordance with motivations that relate to other experiences as a Soul in the earth. Parents would do well to recognize their child as a full-blown Spiritual Being now starting afresh so that its Conscious Mind, in partnership with its Soul, can become reacquainted with its Nature as One created in the Image and Likeness of THE SPIRIT. With this in mind, no longer need a parent wonder "What makes my child do the things it does?" STOP BABYING THEM AS IF THEY WERE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING! Parents are channels for the processing of a Soul and Its purpose. Thus does one become as a channel of blessing to others.

Within The Creative Energy is that "form" that Teilhard speaks of as: "Reflection is the power acquired by a consciousness to turn in upon itself, to take possession of itself as of an object endowed with its own particular consistence and value: no longer merely to know but to know that one knows. To say nothing of the fact that any sort of scientific discussion today on the outward and visible signs of the first emergence of reflection on the earth is quite impossible; because we find ourselves in the presence of one of those "beginnings" that automatically and irremediably remove us from our range of vision by a thick layer of the past. With the advent of the power of reflection...we now perceive that under the more striking reality of the collective transformations a secret progress has been going on parallel to INDIVIDUALIZATION."


There is only one rule of thumb we need be aware we create for sake of self's desires or to reflect the Nature of THE SPIRIT as the "motivator" of all our creative acts?

Although you and I, as Images of THE SPIRIT, and dwellers within The Creative Energy, are "small" compared to IT, we are "so enormously large," (in Spirit) that the potency of our creative abilities, when not in harmony with the Nature of THE SPIRIT, is sufficient to make null and void all our efforts to reestablish ourselves as Companions to IT--which should be the primary purpose behind all of our creations.

This Land called America was given to us as a whole new "field of play" that we may reacquaint ourselves with THE SPIRIT as we set about to instill ITS Character/Nature within that Creative Force we have chosen to call The United States of America. Those whose state of consciousness were open to receiving that potential were chosen to accomplish this for the sake of the total universe. If we fail the challenge will be presented to another land, race, or "state of consciousness that has shown potential for carrying it forward...or it will retrograde to a lesser race or level of understanding.

Although current scientific endeavors have not yet delved into the Nature of Consciousness, or what Francis Bacon called "primary causes," there are individuals who have done so in the past two thousand years by way of their subjective experiences whereby they discovered that an actual relationship does exist between The Infinite and the finite...i.e., Jesus the Christ! Therefore, a "PATTERN" has been set/built within us whereby you and I can now, via choice, be "Companions" in that activity. WILL YOU BE THE NEXT SUCH INDIVIDUAL?

An intimate relationship between science and consciousness research might be indispensable when searching for answers to the question.. "Why are we here and what is Man?" Most scientists dismiss these as improper questions. However, even as you and I have considered "purpose," "desire," and "motivation" as prerequisites for manifesting THE SPIRIT within our creative abilities, so has Arthur M. Young (lecturer on issues of consciousness, evolution and the philosophy of science) discovered the term "intention" as a vital force apparently evident within the study of energy in the field of psychic (of the Soul) "powers."

According to Young, there are six basic measure formulas of physics and one is the formula for action. "Of all these things that science deals with, things that can be cut up in pieces, measured, weighed, located, there is one "no thing" that cannot be located, measured, weighted, cannot even be seen, a "no thing" that is not in space or time That is action. It comes only in wholes," which he equates with human action or decision: " cannot jump out of bed l.4l42 times or decide to get married 3.9 times." He concluded that without action being in wholes, molecular interaction, creation of material particles, and the PURPOSE BEHIND the thrust of evolution and continuity, "the universe would be a mere subsiding agitation of billiard balls"

That "no thing" that cannot be located, measured, or weighed (action) can indeed be "seen" in time and space as effects resulting from motivation/desire that resulted in the "cause" of an effect. Cause and effect, although expressed individually, must be considered as a "Whole" for the latter cannot exist without the former This process influences the action of Souls as they "use" The Creative Energies.

Agitation of the universe is a worthy description of creative endeavors of Souls when using the CE devoid of the Awareness of the Oneness, via Will, they share with THE SPIRIT.

As we have spoken of "the stepping-back process," so have scientists, in their search for understanding, been led to "what?" That the creation of all the bits and pieces came forth from what they call "the quantum of action," and what I call The Creative Energy as motivated by THE SPIRIT.

All the research of scientists has led them to what is now called the Laws of Physics, the processing of which takes place within the realm of The Creative Energy where, if they become mindful of The Margin of Error, they will eventually find that ultimate "bit" of all creativity of which action is secondary--THE SPIRIT or that which motivates action into creativity. They will also recognize themselves as one of the "pieces."

The Margin for Error is that "space" where a Mind in action stands and makes choices--to create the atomic bomb that, WITHOUT 'THE SPIRIT', destroys, or to use the same components to call forth new forms of energy that will light up the world.

Although science has revealed to us the nature of the atom, so does it appear apropos to equate that same process in relationship to the human body, or Souls in the earth. We are the "reaction" of the initial action of THE SPIRIT which is now at work within each corpuscle of our bodies although "colored" by our understanding (or lack of same) and our use of The Creative Energy. In comprehending ITS Motivation, or Action, are we able to truly become as Ones made in ITS IMAGE AND LIKENESS VIA LOVE.

Even as THE SPIRIT, that gave life to The Creative Energy we call God, is now "one with" us and can never be obliterated or changed, so cannot that created by you and I ever be separated from the "forms" created by our thoughts for they will set up future scenarios for Mind/Thought activity. Such is the result of actions that influence Time and Space.

Even as THE SPIRIT has set ITS Pattern upon the "cloth" of that CE we call God, so will the pieces cut from same contain the potential to conform to ITS Character/Nature. The final garment becomes an example of how the Spirit behind an action foretells the quality of the finished product which, in turn, will "image" its Creator.

Mark Twain: "What a wee little part of a person's life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself All day long, the mill of his brain is grinding, and his thoughts, not those other things, are his history. These are his life, and they are not written and cannot be written (or shared). Every day would make a whole book of 80,000 words--365 books a year. Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man--the biography of the man himself cannot be written."


Take pen in hand and write down two paragraphs regarding the "grinding" of your brain" as you read this chapter with the Idea/Ideal in mind of using them as worthy material for your book/truth.

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