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Chapter 14

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Albert Schweitzer:
"How amazing this coming into being, living, and dying! How fantastic that in other existences something comes into being, passes away again, comes into being once more, and so forth from eternity to eternity! How can it be? We can do all things, and we can do nothing. For in all our wisdom we cannot create life--what we create is dead."

There is a bond that connects Mankind to a unified force field wherein we, as Spiritual Beings, were created closest in Image and Likeness and to THE SPIRIT, and ITS Companion, that Creative Energy we call God. This connection resembles invisible cords that are composed of faint vibrations which some call "the primordial sound" or the "breathing" of Souls hard at work!

As Souls, we enter and depart through that electrical "stuff we call space, wherein even the planets, stars, sun and all things celestial vibrate in harmony by way of the "music of the spheres."

These cords make up the heavenly "switchboard" by which we communicate and influence each other whether by intention or not Even the human body is glued together by the vibrations of sound. Inwardly, we have accepted the validity of this process and will even attempt to communicate with one who is in a deep coma or has passed on to the other side. Carrying this analogy further, we might even say that when there is the presence of disease within the body, there is disharmony in our tonal/spiritual structure. When we speak of sound, vibration, tone and harmony, we are reminded of music and its influence on Mankind since the beginning; for MUSIC IS THE 'SOUND' OF THE SPACE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. IT EXPRESSES EITHER HARMONY OR DISCORD IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE VIBRATORY ESSENCE OF INDIVIDUAL SOULS. IT EITHER AROUSES THE BEAST IN MAN OR LIFTS HIM UP TO PAY HEED TO HIS HIGHEST NATURE.

Even as the bee is a pollinator of new life via plants or the substance that nourishes the queen bee within the hive you, even if just standing there and doing nothing, are a "mover and shaker" of vibratory forces from which new life forms are given impetus to participate in that Creative Energy we call God. ONE ACTION AFFECTS ALL ACTIONS.

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