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The Fantastic Fields of Life

Your body and mine are enveloped in electrodynamic fields that can be detected and measured. According to its polarity, this ambient field can predict heart disease, cancer, and a host of different diseases and ailments - long before the appearance of physical symptoms. Scientists who study the L-field in seeds are able to predict the size, growth pattern, and general vitality of the future plants.

These fields are related to the "aura" surrounding all biological organisms. But they are composed of such refined energies that no one believed they existed until technology enabled us to see them. Most important, these fields are influenced by the power of the human mind. "Ever since I can remember", said Edgar Cayce, the famed psychic of Virginia Beach, VA, "I have seen colors in connection with people. I don't remember when the people I met didn't register on my retina with blues, greens and reds emanating from their heads and shoulders. It was a long time before I realized that other people didn't see these colors...."

Cayce could have been describing the energy fields discovered by Drs. Harold S. Burr and Leonard Ravitz at Yale University's School of Medicine. Like polygraph expert Cleve Backster, who in 1966 discovered something he calls "primary perception" in plants, these medical men published numerous reports describing the existence of a complex field of energy surrounding every man, woman and child and every living thing on Earth.

They call it the L-field or Field of Life - a refined form of energy which could be a kind of "higher octave" force existing beyond the familiar electromagnetic spectrum. These fields surround every cell and seed. Apparently in existence everywhere in the universe, they coalesce prior to the formation of the physical organism (and may survive its dissolution).

"Every living thing on this planet", said Dr. Burr, "from man to mice - from seeds to trees - are moulded and controlled by electrodynamic fields which can be measured with a good modern voltmeter." It was proven by a dramatic 18-months study of women's L-fields at New York's Bellevue Hospital. With it, cervical and other types of cancer can be detected before there is any visible symptom or other manifestation of the disease.

"These fields of Life or L-fields", Dr. Burr said, "are now known as the basic blueprints of all life on this planet; their discovery has enormous significance for all of us. Life is no accident after all. In fact the Universe we're beginning to see is a profoundly meaningful and ordered system - and so are we!"

Excerpted from Magic: Science of the Future by Joseph F. Goodavage, chapter 5, pg. 72 and 73

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