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Chapter 24
Christ Consciouseness

Edgar Cayce inspirational quotes:

What can I do to restore faith in myself, make my will to live stronger, and have the desire to carry on?

It is first necessary that an individual take stock of himself as to one's abilities, desires, and self-will. To make the will one with the Creative Energy should be the desire of EVERY being.

Then, having done so via the outlining of where one's shortcomings may lie, this then is taken as the criterion - that the desire of self should be to make self's will one with the Creative Energy.

When this is understood in self, then self may find that there is much reason for carrying on, much reason for the introspection of self.     

Then will there come the manner of conducting self in the way to find the WORLD interesting, and assuming responsibilities and live up to those in service for others.

Then one may find all that will give the answering from within that that makes self one WITH that Whole that FILLS THE ALL Would the entity gain confidence in others, it must be first within self.

  Would the entity trust others, the trust must first be within self. Would the body find the closer relationship WITH self, the body must first KNOW self in its relation to that portion of the Whole, see?

....Edgar Cayce

      Thus can/will one experience


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