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Chapter 18

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Oscar Wilde:
Words are not crystal, transparent and unchanged; they are the skin of living thoughts and may vary greatly in colour and content according to the circumstances and time in which they are used. To regret one's own experience is to arrest one's own development. To deny one's own experience is to put a lie into the lips of one's own life. It is no less than a denial of the Soul.

And God said: Thou shalt do this and Thou shalt not do that. Perhaps it would be wise to consider possible connotations inherent in this statement for it could well be an example of "speaking in tongues" that could lead one astray; i.e., that THE FATHER goes through a thinking process before doing something. Such rationalization is inherent only with The Creation Ones... you and I.

The process of thinking things through before taking action is necessary for members of the human species for they have decisions to make via the use of their inherent double nature--that of THE SPIRIT (where only Love exists), and that of their own multitudinous emotions as individualized portions of The Creative Energy's essence, the misuse of which creates negative characteristics. The primary definition for this misuse is fear for, as Spiritual Beings, we instinctively recognize our wrong choices via the "still small voice". What follows is the processing of another choice to either make amends or simply continue in the error and drag it along as the lead line for the attachment of further misguided choices. When fear enters, it tends to have strong influence on future decision-making processes.

The above behind-the-scenes battleground depicts the stage upon which Satan performs his monologue with Hell as the backdrop. For that is where we dwell when not in harmony with THE SPIRIT. However, LOVE, as the antidote for fear and the primary Character of THE FATHER, expresses ITSELF in the giving of Free Will wherewith we choose either IT or self. Therefore..NO OTHER CHOICE NEED EVER BE MADE IN YOUR EXPERIENCES. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN FREE WILL TO CHOOSE EITHER LOVE (THE SPIRIT) OR FEAR (self).

When the Bible speaks of God as having said something, it is inferred that He is the cause of all action whether good or bad--an erroneous conclusion. All action takes place within The Creative Energy, the Spirit of which depends upon the consciousness of he "User" of THE SPIRIT's Creative Forces. That referred to as the "voice of God" is, in reality, the Spirit, or Character of The Created Ones.

Note that when someone talks about what God said or did, it is that individual's understanding of a particular experience that is speaking--not God's! When you talk about another person, you can only speak of your interpretation--not the actual experience of that person, for such can only be known by him/her.

However, if you speak as one who has practiced the awareness of having been made in The Image and Likeness of THE SPIRIT, you may indeed become more adept at recognizing the source of another's actions as being from God or from their Ego. Such an ability should be utilized only for the sake of that which is helpful and hopeful--not as condemnation.

The paradox is that the understanding of the speaker is interpreted in accordance with the understanding of the listener and, in the midst of all this, THE SPIRIT remains unmoved in ITS TRUTH. Therefore, BEWARE AS TO WHOSE VOICE YOU HEED AND REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN ACCESS TO THE HIGHEST SOURCE VIA 'THE PATTERN' SET WITHIN AS THE RESULT OF THAT DONE BY JESUS THE CHRIST.

Those created in the Image and Likeness, having been imbued with the Ultimate Truth, are capable of recognizing their errors but often assume that God will do the punishing when, in reality, IT IS THEY WHO PUNISH THEMSELVES AND CRY OUT 'AND GOD DID SMITE ME DOWN!'

When God said "I will destroy them," (or repent that He even made us!), it was, in reality, the voice of the Created Ones recognizing the inevitability of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect.

When we claim that God speaks to us it is the sound of our own conscience based upon our understanding of the Nature of THE SPIRIT and the roles we play as creations made in ITS Image and likeness. It is our Spirit Nature speaking to its physical emanation or, "The wee small voice" of your soul speaking to you--frequently during dreams. "Thy spirit beareth witness with my spirit as to whether ye be a child of God or not." Thus spoke The Wise One--The Pattern who, in ages past, manifested Himself in the Image and Likeness of His Father/God.


In early days, Souls not incarnate gave of themselves in service to those on earth and communicated "helpful hints" in times of trouble; i.e., Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and of course Paul and John For these sought to be Channels for THE SPIRIT whereby ITS Character would be spread abroad in the Land. They were AND ARE God's Companions in heaven and on earth even as you and I work together that all The Children might find their way out of that into which they had fallen.

Such is "the work" we all share whether in the body or out. Thus do we participate in the manifesting of faith which "is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," for we partake of THE SPIRIT behind that Creative Energy we call God even though we are still in the process of understanding how IT works.


Note that Heaven is not a place we go to but is the ultimate State of Consciousness to which we may arise via Free Will/Choice.

Therefore, the Character/Nature of THE SPIRIT pours ITSELF through ITS Creative Energy whereby ITS "Users" to likewise by way of their individual Creative Forces. Therefore do we, whether "in the Spirit or out," give of our Spirit in harmony with THE SPIRIT.

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God." Man makes bread but instructions on how to make it comes forth from his understanding of the recipe and his ability to follow it. Have you ever noticed that in spite of the fact that two cooks are using the same recipe one cook's production somehow is better than the other? What made the difference? The spirit behind that which motivated each cook. Equate this with the obvious difference between someone who builds his/her life via a manifested relationship with THE SPIRIT, or one who creates strictly out of sense of Ego/self aggrandizement.


Recall two recent creations of your own and consider whose "image" they proclaim--THE SPIRIT, or the Ego.

"We exist to manifest God. This does not mean as master and slave or as director and robot. It means exactly what it says: a manifestation of God. God and you are one to the extent that you recognize that Oneness and manifest His Character/Nature through your ability to create. When you think of God as separate and distinct from you, there is that separation only in your thinking; God is still one with you. When you are able to regard yourself both as one with God and as an individual personality expressing God, you will be able to co-operate with God. In this co-operation you are a means whereby infinite Mind operates or performs actions in the finite or manifest world. You are a trinity of three phases of consciousness, which may be regarded and addressed as Superconscious, Conscious and Subconscious. The Superconscious or real Higher Self is one with the source of wisdom, the knower of all things, the Instructor and Guide, in fact, Spirit. The Conscious phase is the executive which makes decisions and initiates action. The Subconscious is the phase which constantly re-creates the entire body, maintains it and all its functions and performs your requests. It is able to do all these things and is at your command for proper use. All three phases should work together as a whole. Your Will has been given divine precedence over your entire mortal beingness, otherwise you would not be a divine expression made in the in the Image and Likeness of God. This is why you are permitted to do essentially as you wish, even though the Self within you knows what will happen when you either initiate a certain action or do not prevent it. You must learn to do or to have done through your conscious willing." MARK-AGE

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