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Chapter 1

Is Your Life All You Want It To Be?

Ezekiel 28:12-26

"You had the Seal of Perfection...full of wisdom and perfect in Beauty. Thou has been in Eden, the Garden of God. Thou art anointed as I have made thee so. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day thou wast created, until inequity was found in thee.

"Because of thy beauty thy heart was lifted up and corrupted thy wisdom by declaring: 'I am a god... I sit in the seat of God.' when yet thou art a man and not God. Therefore will thee be cast to the ground and brought down to the pit. Yet shall you, when I have executed judgement upon you, dwell in confidence knowing that I AM THE LORD THY GOD."

Solutions can be found by way of a stepping-back process that involves perspectives that are gained when one looks not only at the action but also at the Mind process of rationalization wherein motivations are revealed. In the process you will come face to face with your own version and call it Truth. As we study together, perhaps there will be revealed an understanding that there is always a second solution to any confrontation other than the immediate and oftimes irrational response of one person to another. The first response sets the stage for another, yet the scenario takes place within the Creative Energy of THE SPIRIT and therefore carries the potential for an harmonious solution.

"Don't make waves" has been accepted as the best response. However--would not one whose heart is in the right place wish to be informed if the shoe were on the other foot; i.e., without realizing it you made an error in judgement?

Whether it is a confrontation between individuals or nations, the question is apropos for the accumulation of small problems create eddies of negative vibrations within The Creative Energy that contribute to the inability to make rational choices. This is what happens when we act/react without first inviting the Presence of THE SPIRIT. Yet it is never too late, for change is a key ingredient of that Creative Energy we call God.

THE SPIRIT's first created "forms" (change) within that Creative Energy we call God were the "First Born" or Images made in the Likeness of ITS Nature--with the potential for becoming Creators like unto ITSELF. Therefore did we become "Companions" to THE SPIRIT and ITS Creative Energy.

Eventually, through changes made evident via our own creativity and influence upon The Creative Forces, there came forth a new form known as the physical body within which the Consciousness (l/3 of its 3-fold nature) of a Soul lives, moves, and has Its Beingness. This was the ultimate change and the only one that contains The Pattern for imaging THE CHRIST.

Many have heard of the Battle of the Armageddon. Some think of it as an earthly battle to be fought between different belief systems or nations--such would be a physical or finite battle. Others suspect that it is a battle to be fought within individuals as they seek, whether they are aware of it or not, to create within their 3-fold nature the "Awareness of the Oneness" they share with THE SPIRIT--such would be a battle initiated in the Infinite Realm where The Created Ones come face to face with Free Will Choices.

Both concepts are linked to each other, for the latter is the creator of the former. Yet the answer lies within THE SPIRIT wherein we have chosen to "image" ITS Character. Such a battle would indeed be devastating, for it would mean giving up self gratification in exchange for service to others; for "if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also." (Matt.5:40) Become aware of this when viewing battles in today's courts for The Father is the Judge regardless of decisions made by the jury

Compare this to the Old Testament where the accepted law was "An eye for an eye!" However, we will win the battle for the assistance we receive from THE SPIRIT bearing fruit within us guarantees results of the highest order. For as is often the case, we call on ITS Name when all else fails!

A Pattern has been set (predestined) that, until we get the message, we will confront the enemy and IT IS US! For such is the Law of Cause and Effect. In one quantum leap, let's image ourselves back in the Garden of Eden as Spiritual Beings about to venture forth "on earth" as an extension of our experiences "in heaven."


Therefore we, like little children in school, received our first "black mark." Not because someone ate the apple, but because the blame was placed on someone else (The Snake). One misdemeanor should be easy enough to erase; however, it appears that we now have a leaning Tower of Pisa hovering over us and we can't help but feel threatened. What holds it all up in spite of our having gone astray?

The Love of THE SPIRIT/FATHER for ITS Children via THE PATTERN that has been placed within us.

When in the process of seeking a solution, the ingredients we choose are often muddled by our own poor vision whereby we "see through a glass darkly" rather than clearly comprehending the process inherent within the Light of Ultimate Understanding... when all it takes is the realization that what THE SPIRIT does we, as those made in ITS Image and Likeness can also do.

TEST: Reconsider two recent experiences in which you might have utilized the stepping-back procedure before coming to a conclusion as to your response.


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