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I Would love to receive your comments and suggestions about my book IN GOD'S IMAGE.

Did reading it give you a totally new point of view as to Who and What you truly are?

If so, how will it change the way you create/respond to your daily relationships?

Thanks for sharing.

Email me below and I will ccp your response and insert it with my reply.

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Check the Conversation Group often and share your thoughts as you continue to read.


FROM KAREN: "An excellent beginning to changing your thinking to change your life. Thank you, Karen Hailey Longview, TX"

TO KAREN/thelma:

Thank you Karen. I will always be pleased to receive your further comments or suggestions as you continue to study my book.


Why is it so important to understand what it means to have been made in God's Image and Likeness?


If we do not understand what that means, then our relationships function in a negative creative force that falls short of the way and manner that THE FATHER had in mind for us....that we love others as HE loves us...result? The whole finite world is filled with less than its potential.

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